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Fancy Food Show 2010

Top 3 Finds


The Fancy Food Show is in town again, as it is every January. A huge convention center filled with food vendors offering samples and looking for distribution and markets and press coverage. It is a crazy experience - many people look forward to it every year. I have a more measured feeling about the event. There is a lot of processed food there, which grosses me out. And then there are a lot of food producers that show up every year or that I've seen before. Finding something new and exciting isn't easy and isn't the main reason I go anymore. I go just to see what's there - tI hope lots of people are craving "drinking chocolate" because there are plenty of companies banking on an unmet desire for it out there - to know what's the what.

The bonus prize this year was finding a few cool things. My three favorites were, in no particular order except that which I happened to stumble upon them:

1) Hot Lips all-fruit sodas out of Portland Oregon. They were all delicious and fresh and not too sweet. I hate to choose a favorite between the apple, pear, boysenberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, and strawberry, but I will admit a weak spot for anything black raspberry, so that's my fav.

2) Happy Goat caramels, made with goat milk and sugar in small batches in a copper kettle. Just delicious. Creamy, yummy, and make you realize how much crappy caramel you've eaten in your life.

3) Mother-In-Law's kimchi. I'm a sucker for kimchi anyway, but this stuff was so fresh tasting and spicy and complex that it may have ruined other kimchis for me forever (well, all others except my own).

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