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Bass Scales - Minor Scale - Guitar - About.com
An overview of the minor scale for the bass, an important bass scale. Learn how to play a minor scale on the bass. Examine the bass fingering patterns for a ...
Bass Scales - Types of Bass Scales - Guitar - About.com
A introduction to bass scales. A list of all the different bass scales you can learn.
Chords on Bass - Importance of Chords on Bass - Guitar - About.com
Learn about chords and the importance of chords on bass. Find out what role the bass plays in defining chords and how you can use them in your bass playing.
Understanding the Major Scale for the Bass - Guitar - About.com
An overview of the major scale for the bass, one of the most important bass scales. Learn how to play a major scale on a bass. Look at the fingering patterns for a ...
Striped Bass Salad with Summer Veggies Recipe -- Oil-Poached ...
A cool seafood salad recipe made with oil-poached striped bass and a variety of summer vegetables. Oil-poaching makes the striper luscious and the corn, ...
Bass Scales | Chromatic Scale for Bass - Guitar - About.com
The chromatic scale is unlike any other bass scale. It consists of all 12 notes of the octave, played in order. You're unlikely to use a chromatic scale in any songs,  ...
Sauteed Striped Bass with Spring Onions - Fish and Seafood Cooking
A recipe for striped bass (rockfish) dusted in rice flour and sauteed, then served with grilled spring onions. The rice flour gives it a light and crispy crust.
Parts of the Bass - An Overview of the Parts of the Bass Guitar
A bass guitar consists of many parts and pieces put together. All the parts of the bass are important to the sound the instrument produces. As you begin learning ...
Bass Muting - Bass Muting Exercises - Guitar - About.com
Learn all about bass muting, a primary bass playing skill. Practice bass muting with this set of useful exercises.
How to Learn the Note Names on the Bass - Guitar - About.com
One of the first lessons for a beginning bass guitar player is how to learn the names of the notes on a bass. You can play by ear, follow bass tabs, or mimic a lead ...
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