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Baked Chiles Rellenos Recipe - Local Foods - About.com
These chiles rellenos are roasted, stuffed, and baked (and even the roasting part of optional!). The are topped with Creamy Spicy Tomato Sauce to marry the ...
How to Roast & Peel Chiles (Chili Peppers) - Local Foods - About.com
See how easy it is to roast and peel fresh chiles (a.k.a. chili peppers) with this easy step-by-step guide.
New Mexico Green Chiles and Red Chiles - Local Foods - About.com
Whats' the difference between New Mexico green chiles (Hatch chiles) and New Mexico red chiles? Find out!
Roasted Green Chiles - Food Preparation - Mexican Food - About.com
Chiles are a Mexican food staple. Here's a guide to how to make roasted green chiles that you can use in other recipes.
Guide to Different Types of Red Chiles - Mexican Food - About.com
Red chiles are one of the most common ingredients in Mexican food. Chiles grow well in hot climates and they can be harvested throughout the summer in their ...
Stuffed Green Chiles with Cheese Sweet Salsa- Chile Rellenos
These stuffed green chiles are slightly sweet with a touch of heat. You can roast the chiles and make the filling a day ahead, and then stuff them and cook them ...
Step-By-Step Instructions for Chile Rellenos
and peel each chile and let them cool. *If fresh chiles are unavailable, use canned whole green chiles and flour them before dipping in batter. If you need help ...
Chile Guacamole - Mexican Food - About.com
A zesty guacamole made with roasted green chiles.
Roasting Chiles - Mexican Food - About.com
You can roast chiles under medium heat on the broiler, on a very hot grill, over open fire or on the stove top. For the stove top method it is helpful to use a metal ...
Types of Green Chiles - Mexican Food - About.com
Green chiles are a common ingredient in Mexican food. They grow well in hot climates and they can be harvested throughout the summer, but they reach their ...
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