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Chiles and Hot Peppers With Recipes - Local Foods - About.com
Call them chiles, hot peppers, hot chiles, chilis, chili peppers... whatever you call them they have a huge range of heat levels, come is a wide variety of sizes, and ...
Types of Fresh Chile Peppers - Local Foods - About.com
There are many types of chiles beyond the jalapenos now at most grocery stores. Fresh and dried, hot and mild. These fresh, hot chiles (a.k.a. hot peppers or ...
Guide to Types of Dried Chile Peppers - Local Foods - About.com
Dried chiles are sometimes soaked in hot water to reconstitute them and then chopped or puréed (often in sauces or added to stews); other times they are ...
Scotch Bonnet Hot Chili Peppers - Latin Caribbean Food - About.com
In the Caribbean, the Scotch Bonnet pepper is the pepper of choice; it is the most widely used hot pepper in Caribbean cuisine. Other hot peppers such as ...
Mexican Jalapeño Peppers Description With Pictures - Phoenix
How hot is a jalapeño? See a description and see a picture of jalapeño peppers, commonly used in Southwestern cooking.
Growing and Harvesting Hot Peppers From Seed - Gardening
Growing hot chili peppers is easy and possible almost anywhere. But the real enjoyment of growing your own hot peppers is harvesting them and using them.
Growing Hot Peppers - Turn Up the Heat in the Garden - Gardening
Chili peppers have the distinction of being welcome I both vegetable gardens and flower borders. While hot peppers may seem exotic, they are very easy to ...
Hot Pepper Sauce - Latin Caribbean Food - About.com
This hot sauce recipe from the Caribbean uses the scotch bonnet hot pepper. Learn how to make this hot pepper sauce, which is a quick and easy Caribbean ...
Hot Peppers - Greek Food - About.com
At the market: Hot peppers are available in a variety of forms - fresh, dried, coarsely ground, flaked, and powdered. They come in a range of colors and sizes .
Are Serrano Chile Peppers Hot? - Phoenix - About.com
serrano is pronounced: suh rah noh. Serrano chile peppers have thin walls. They don't need to be steamed or peeled before using, making it the easiest chile ...
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