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How to Cook Wild Rice - Local Foods - About.com
Wild rice is easy to cook (although it does take a bit more time than white rice). Always rinse wild rice thoroughly in cold water before cooking it and know that 1  ...
How to Make Popped Wild Rice - Local Foods - About.com
Wild rice can be popped, sort of like corn, for a tasty snack.
Wild Rice Mushroom Pilaf Recipe - Local Foods - About.com
Wild rice gives a hearty texture and nutty flavor to this deeply savory, super- simple pilaf - a perfect side dish or, with a green salad, a delicious main dish.
Wild Rice - American Food - About.com
American wild rice is not true rice, but actually the seeds of a variety of wetlands grass. The variety most commonly grown and served today is called Northern ...
How to Make Wild Rice Pilaf - Low Calorie Cooking - About.com
This low calorie wild rice pilaf makes a great side dish with baked chicken, fish, or pork.
Wild Rice with Cranberries and Apples - Low Fat Cooking - About.com
If you want to skip the potatoes with your holiday meal, try this wonderful low fat rice dish, which combines the nuttiness of wild rice and walnuts with the tart ...
Start With Wild Rice Recipes - Busy Cooks - About.com
These quick and fabulous recipes all start with wild rice, including Wild Rice Meatloaf, Wild Rice Apple Cake, and Wild Rice Quiche.
Wild Rice Pilaf Recipe - Home Cooking - About.com
Wild Rice Pilaf Recipe. Cut your rice-cooking time in half by using a pressure cooker. Makes enough for a crowd.
Wild Rice Pilaf Recipe with Vegetables and Almonds - Southern Food
Wild rice pilaf with chopped vegetables and slivered almonds. A wild rice pilaf recipe made with wild rice, butter, vegetables and chicken broth, along with ...
Gluten Free Wild Rice with Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Cheddar ...
This hearty gluten-free wild rice recipe has a wonderful nutty flavor.
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