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Jean Talon Market


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A Visit to Montreal's Famous Market
Jean Talon Market

Organic Stand in Montreal in November

Photo © Molly Watson

Montreal is home to four big public markets, and Jean Talon is the biggest and best known. Even though I visited in early November, when the market was at about 30% of its capacity, things were buzzing and beautiful piles of produce abounded. The items from Quebec were clearly and proudly noted by vendors with either "produit du Quebec" or a simple fleur-de-lys on the label.

Like other great public markets (Seattle's Pike Place Market and San Francisco's Ferry Plaza come to mind) consists of both a farmers market focused on fresh, seasonal, local produce outside and established stalls inside that offer a wider range of products, including produce from further afield. The mix creates a vibrant, permanent market space that flushes a bit more alive on farmers market days, but where there is always great food available.

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