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Saskatchewan Fruits and Vegetables

What's In Season In Alberta?


Saskatchewan Fruits and Vegetables

Swiss Chard

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Agriculture is important in Saskatchewan, but most of what is grown is grains, legumes, and seeds (for oil). The growing season is relatively short, but many farmers use hoop houses, greenhouses, and other methods of extending harvest time, so you may well find local cucumbers in November and other oddities. In any case, winter storage and root vegetables can keep you in local produce all winter long. Availability will, of course, vary based on your location within the large province as well as the specific conditions each season. The seasons listed below are based on likely availability in the southern part of the province, including Regina and Saskatoon.

APPLES, July through October

ASPARAGUS, May and June

BEANS, July though September

BEETS, July through March

BLACKBERRIES, July and August

BLUEBERRIES, July and August

BROCOLLI, June into October

BRUSSELS SPROUTS, September through November

CABBAGE, July through March

CARROTS, July through March

CAULIFLOWER, July through September

CELERY, August and September


CORN, July into September

CUCUMBERS, July into September

EGGPLANT, July through September

GREENS, June through October

LETTUCE, June through September

ONIONS, June through September

PEARS, August into October

PEAS, June through September

PEPPERS, July into September

POTATOES, June into October

PUMPKINS, August into November

RADISHES, June through August

RASPBERRIES, July into September

RHUBARB, June into August

RUTABAGAS, August through March


STRAWBERRIES, June into September

TOMATOES, June into September

TURNIPS, August through March

WINTER SQUASH, August through February

ZUCCHINI AND SUMMER SQUASH, July through September

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