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Buddha's Hand


How to Use Buddha's Hand
Buddha's Hand

Buddha's Hand

Photo © Molly Watson

Buddha's Hand looks a bit more like a decoration than an edible fruit. While you don't eat this crazy-looking citrus fruit like an orange or a grapefruit, its zest adds a lovely lemon blossom-like flavor to dishes.

It is also known as "fingered citron," and, like citron, it is used mainly for its zest and peel. Break off a "finger" from the hand and grate the bright lemon exterior. Use the resulting shredded zest in baked goods, salad dressings, drinks, or marinades.

This fruit needs a warm, or at least temperate, climate to grow and it is usually harvest in the late winter and into spring. If you see these thick yellow spiders at markets near you, choose specimens with firm, bright peels with a detectable floral scent and avoid any with soft spots or limp fingers.

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