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Backyard BBQ Party Recipes


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The Drink
Backyard BBQ Party Recipes

Cherry Margarita

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If it's hot out, be sure to have plenty of water on hand and encourage your guests to partake. Along with staying hydrated, however, beverages can delight. These selections make excellent use of the fresh produce available in summer to add great flavor and sweetness:

Feel like bumping it up a notch? Try one of these 10 Summer Frozen Drinks, including Chi-Chis and Daiquiris, or Red, White, and Blue Cocktails for July 4.

Want to keep it simple? Serve one of these Top 10 Summer Beers or Great Summer Wines for Grilling Parties.

Not every BBQ party need be raucous, and having plenty of soft drinks on hand is always a good idea. Rather than cracking open store-bought cans, think about making your own Homemade Soda. Or, try one of these delicious Iced Tea Recipes. I often keep it simple and just make a pitcher of Homemade Lemonade. (Of course you can let people combine the lemonade and iced tea to make their own Arnold Palmers.) Looking for something new? Unexpected? Try one of these "mocktails" and other non-alcoholic options:

  • Green Lemonade has a bit of kiwi for color and sweetness
  • Melon Aqua Fresca is a great way to make use of the giant watermelons that tend to show up as summer wears on
  • Mint Lassis, made with plain yogurt and fresh mint, are amazingly refreshing

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