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Thanksgiving Recipes: How to Create a Local Thanksgiving Menu


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How to Create a Local Thanksgiving Menu
Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

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Creating a local Thanksgiving is easier than you might think. The traditional Thanksgiving menu is a seasonal one in most parts of the country. Winter squash, brussels sprouts, potatoes mashed or sweet – these are all things in season in November. Wild rice and cranberries, too, are recently harvested and ready for cooking in late fall. Whether you can score a local turkey or not, you can always make the sides dishes, salads, or soup using local, in-season produce. See What's In Season In Fall or these State Guides to Seasonal Produce for specific fruits and vegetables you may be able to find from local growers.

I've gathered together everything I can think of related to Thanksgiving - at least as the food/menu planning/recipes are concerned (sorry, but you're going to have to figure out where to seat Aunt Gladys on your own). Find ideas, recipes, and information to help you plan your Thanksgiving feast – from ordering the turkey to figuring out a side dish to bring, crimping a pie crust to using the leftovers in a tasty way.

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