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Lovely Winter Valentine's Day Recipes

Easy and Delicious Ideas for Romantic and Seasonal Menus


These recipes aren't too much trouble to make (you don't want to be exhausted before dinner even starts!), are delicious without filling you up too much ("sluggish" isn't romantic!), and use seasonal ingredients. Remember, though, holidays are a time to break with routine, to treat yourself to something special. The triumvirate of Valentine's Day foods - champagne, chocolate, and oysters - aren't available from local sources everywhere, so give yourself a break.

1. Sparkling Loveliness

Photo © Molly Watson
On a special occasion, I will admit to preferring a glass or two of very good champagne. That isn't always in the budget, though. If a flute of well chilled fine champagne isn't in your sights this year, try Lemon Drop Champagne Cocktails, they use winter-bright lemons and make excellent use of cheaper sparkling wines, cavas, or proseccos.

2. Oysters on the Half Shell

Photo © Molly Watson
For those who love them, oysters on the half-shell are the perfect way to start a romantic dinner. I mean, if nothing else their mineral content, tons of protein, and slurpability have made them famed aphrodisiacs. Learn about the different types of oysters, see how to shuck them, and get ideas for how to serve them.

3. Pink Salads

Photo © Molly Watson
It may be a little bit cheesy, but I love a pretty pink – or at least partially pink – salad. These salads use beets or radicchio (both winter vegetables) to add a lot of color to the table:

4. Lighter Winter Entrées

Photo © Molly Watson
These main dishes won't have you slaving in the kitchen for hours and won't leave you too full when the eating is done:

5. Winter White Vegetables

Belgian Endives
Photo © Molly Watson
So many of the seasonal winter vegetables are of a paler shade, which works perfectly with the romantic theme of February 14. These Winter White Vegetables are lovely, elegant additions to a winter table.


6. Sweets for Your Sweet

Sparkling Pear Sorbet
Photo © Molly Watson
These desserts are easy to make, are on the lighter side (no giant gooey cakes!), and are lovely with champagne:

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