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Local Foods Recipes


Cooking locally and seasonally means not having to add a lot of bells and whistles to your food – it already tastes great because it's fresh and at its best. These easy, seasonal recipes make the most of local foods.
  1. Appetizers, Snacks & Treats
  2. Salads
  3. Soups
  4. Pastas
  5. Side Dishes
  6. Main Dishes
  1. Desserts
  2. Breakfast Recipes
  3. Drinks
  4. Condiments
  5. Pantry Basics

Appetizers, Snacks & Treats

From homemade potato chips to popped wild rice, try these tasty and simple recipes to turn local produce into delicious, appetite-whetting treats.


Salads are the easiest way to make use of whatever produce you haul home from the farmers market.


Whether smooth and creamy, hearty and chunky, or cooling and chilled, homemade soup is a delicious, healthful way to eat seasonally.


Pasta dishes are easy ways to work more local ingredients into your diet. Local vegetables, meats, and cheeses make quick, delicious, healthful pasta dishes.

Side Dishes

These side dish recipes take advantage of seasonal flavors and simple cooking methods to create delicious side dishes using local foods.

Main Dishes

These main dishes use seasonal ingredients in simple but delicious combinations.


Try these luscious desserts featuring seasonal fruits, nuts, and artisan-produced chocolates, spices, and dairy products.

Breakfast Recipes

These simple, seasonal dishes are delicious for breakfast, and many of them can pull double-duty as easy dinners.


Find easy recipes to make drinks - juices, punches, and cocktails - using local foods. Fruits, vegetables, and herbs are all put to thirst-quenching use.


Homemade condiments pack a lot of punch - both in flavor and in impression. Wow family and friends with these toppings and sauces that bring new meaning to "locally made."

Pantry Basics

Great recipes for those simple components – like chicken broth and pie crust – that get used again and again in other recipes.

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