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Find great ways to prepare this prickly, nutty vegetable, whether it's the main crop in spring or the smaller, secondary crop in late fall. When buying artichokes, look for thistles with closed heads - the leaves should form tight, compact layers and the whole artichoke should be firm and feel heavy for its size.
  1. Baby Artichokes (5)

All About Artichokes
See how to buy, store, and cook these thorny delights.

How to Cook Artichokes
Five ways to cook spring and fall artichokes.

How to Steam Artichokes
Steaming brings out the nutty flavor and light sweetness buried deep in each artichoke thistle.

How to Microwave Artichokes
Enjoy steamed artichokes in a jiffy by microwaving them.

How to Trim Artichoke Hearts
See how to trim a full artichoke down to the sweet, tender, edible heart.

How to Trim Artichokes (For Steaming)
See how to trim artichokes for steaming.

Tasty Artichoke Recipes
Looking for a great artichoke recipe? Here are a few delicious and easy ways to cook up artichokes – from simple steaming to a creamy soup to a hearty gratin.

Delicious Dips for Steamed Artichokes
Serve nutty steamed artichokes with one of these delicious dips.

Chicken Artichoke Heart Stew
This easy Chicken Artichoke Heart Stew is a tart and briny delight - quick to pull together.

Artichoke Toasts
These quick artichoke toasts are little open-faced sandwiches perfect for lunch, appetizers, or a tea party at a moment's notice.

Braised Artichokes with Lemon and Garlic
This recipe for braised artichokes in a broth of lemon and garlic works whether you want to trim the artichokes so people can eat them with a knife and fork or have everyone pull off their own leaves.

Cream of Artichoke Soup
Turn artichokes into a delicious soup.

Grilled Artichokes
See how to grill artichokes.

Potato Artichoke Gratin
This Potato Artichoke Gratin involves a bit of work (you need to clean those artichokes, after all!), but the soft, creamy, nutty flavor is more than worth it!

Great Baby Artichoke Recipes
Find delicious ways to cook baby artichokes the smaller, easier to whip up versions of thorny artichokes.

How to Trim Baby Artichokes
Baby artichokes are easy to trim - see how with these photos.

Crispy Baby Artichokes
Sliced, trimmed baby artichokes cooked simply in olive oil become golden, crisp delights.

Marinated Baby Artichokes
Discover the difference in flavor between homemade preserved baby artichokes and store-bought jarred kinds with this easy-to-follow recipe.

Sauteed Baby Artichokes
A bit of garlic, pancetta, and mint bring out the delicate nuttiness of baby artichokes.

Vignarole (Italian Spring Vegetable Stew)
An utterly simple and delicious Italian spring classic.

What Turns Artichokes Blue?
Avoid blue artichokes with this simple tip.

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