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Bellwether Farms Artisan Creamery


Bellwether Farms Artisan Creamery

Pouring Curds At Bellwether Farms Artisan Creamery

Photo © Molly Watson

Accidental Cheese Makers:

The Callahan family bought sheep to keep the pastures on their Sonoma, California property in check. They took a "sheep production" class at the local junior college and started selling their milk-fed lambs to Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkley. A visitor from Syria told them that sheep milk yogurt was delicious and they should be milking their sheep. After some cheese-making classes and a cheese fact-finding mission to Italy, they started making what turned into their popular Carmody cheese and Bellwether Farms Artisan Creamery was born.

Varied Creamery:

Bellwether Farms now makes several farmstead sheep milk cheeses (San Andreas, Pepato with whole peppercorns in it, and an unctuous sheep milk ricotta), cow milk cheeses (Carmody, Carmody Reserve, Crescenza, ricotta, fromage blanc, and crème fraîche), and even sheep milk yogurt. That visitor was right, sheep milk yogurt is extra thick, extra rich, and extra delicious.
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