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Cardoons are thick, fibrous stalks that look a lot like overgrown celery but are, in fact, closely related to artichokes both botanically and culinarily. Choose cardoons that are firm and that have fresh-cut ends. Avoid dry or browned cardoons. Trim and remove as much of the fibrous exterior as possible. Cardoons are a cool vegetable that turn bitter when the weather gets too warm, so look for them in late fall and through the winter and even early spring as long as the days haven't gotten too warm yet.

All About Cardoons
See how to buy and prepare these tasty stalks.

Cardoon Gratin
Turn cardoons into a rich and creamy gratin.

Creamy Cardoon Soup
Turn cardoons into a simple and delicious soup.

How to Clean Cardoon
See easy steps for peeling cardoons and keeping them from browning too quickly.

Golden Fried Cardoons
Fried cardoons make a fun appetizer.

What to Do With Cardoons
See great ways to cook cardoons.

Cardoon Soup
The nutty flavor of cardoons are perfect in this simple, warming Italian winter soup.

Fried Cardoons
Lightly battered and fried is a great way to serve cardoons. Serve this appetizer with plenty of lemon wedges for spritzing.

Moroccan Cardoon Tagine
This flavorful tagine (stew) takes the chill out of winter and makes beautiful use of long, elegant cardoons.

Braised Italian Cardoons
Cook cardoons in garlic and olive oil for a simple, delicious Italian classic.

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