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Taste of Different Color Carrots

How Do Different Color Carrots Taste?


The taste difference between different carrots isn't extreme. It isn't even as wide a range as different color tomatoes. Yet there is some difference. See how different color carrots taste below.

Orange Carrots

Photo © Molly Watson
Orange carrots won out in the breeding of carrots in 17th-century Holland, but carrots before then came in a wide range of colors – including green. Orange carrots, like their other-colored brethren, contain about 4 times the USDA recommended dose of vitamin A and lots of beta-carotene. They are just a tad earthy and quite sweet, good raw or cooked.

Purple Carrots

Photo © Molly Watson

Purple carrots are only purple on the outside – their insides tend to be pretty orange colored. They have an intensely sweet flavor, though, that can sometimes even have a little peppery flavor.

Red Carrots

Photo © Molly Watson

Red carrots don't differ in taste much from orange carrots. Their red color, though, comes from lycopene, the heralded antioxidant in tomatoes.

White or Golden Carrots

Photo © Molly Watson
White or golden carrots are yellow or cream colored. They have a mild flavor with hardly any of the earthiness of other colors, and they're a bit sweeter than orange, red, or purple carrots.

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