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Fresh, local cherries - whether swooningly sweet or bracingly tart - are some of seasonal eating's most tempting treats. Try these easy recipes for making the most of the all-too-short cherry season, which runs for a few weeks starting in May in warmer areas and July in cooler climates.
  1. Cherry Desserts (8)

All About Cherries
Fresh, local cherries are the shining jewels of late spring and summer fruit. Learn what to look for at the market, different varieties, and find ways to use your haul below.

How to Pit Cherries
See two easy ways to pit cherries without a cherry pitter.

How to Freeze Cherries
See how easy it is to freeze cherries with this guide.

Cherry Varieties
Not all cherries are equal. While some are great for baking, others turn into mealy mush if put in a pie. If buying at a farmers market and in doubt, ask the grower how best to use the cherries you find.

Cherry Varieties From Bing to Rainier
Sweet, sour, bing, Rainier - learn about all different cherries with this guide.

Sweet Cherries
Sweet cherries run from deep purple to a shining yellow - learn about different varieties here.

Cherry Gin and Tonic
Muddled cherries add a whole new flavor to the classic gin and tonic.

Cherry Margarita
These cherry margaritas use muddled (and strained) cherries instead for a sophisticated summer quencher.

Cherry Pit Vinegar
Make use of cherry pits with this delicious cherry-flavored cherry pit vinegar.

Cherry Smoothie
Fresh cherries are tasty in this smoothie, but frozen ones are even better - they add a lovely icy-ness.

Rainier Cherry Salad
Bright blushing Rainier cherries look fabulous on a bed of salad greens, and their juicy sweetness pairs perfectly with creamy buttermilk dressing.

Spiced Brandied Cherries
Preserve the taste of sweet and tangy summer cherries with this easy recipe for brandied cherries.

Classic Manhattan Cocktail
If you put up brandied cherries, use them in this cocktail!

Pickled Cherries
Fresh ripe cherries become bright, spicy pickles with this easy recipe.

Cherry Syrup
Make delicious cherry syrup for desserts or cocktails.

Muddled Cherries
Fresh cherries become a quick saucy puree with tons of uses.

Savory Cherries
See how to use cherries as a savory - rather than sweet - ingredient.

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