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Cherry Varieties - From Bing to Rainier


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Sour Cherries
Cherry Varieties - From Bing to Rainier

Montmorency Cherries

Photo © Rosanna Nafziger, used with permission

Sour or "pie" cherries, including Montmorency (like those pictured here) and Morello varieties, are tart in flavor and right red in color. They are celebrated in the Great Lakes region of the Midwest - Michigan especially - where they are only available for a few short weeks. Sour cherries are common on the East Coast as well, but are scarce in the West. No matter where you find sour cherries, look for red unblemished cherries with their stems still attached.

Sour cherries are best when baked. Pile them in a pie crust, top with sugar, and bake until tender and juicy, about an hour. Or bake up a Sour Cherry Cobbler.

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