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Cherry Varieties - From Bing to Rainier


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Pink & Yellow Cherries (Sweet Cherries)
Cherry Varieties - From Bing to Rainier

Rainier Cherries

Photo © Molly Watson
Pink and yellow Rainier and Royal Ann cherries are lighter and less cloying than black cherries. They are mostly grown in the Pacific Northwest. Because of their light color, Rainier cherries (pictured here) show their bruises - which is most useful when you're the customer. Choose unblemished, shiny cherries.

These sweet cherries are perfect for snacking or eating as a simple dessert all on their own. Or use their pretty colors to full advantage in an easy Rainier Cherry Salad.

Look for pink and yellow cherries with plenty of blush, it's caused by sun exposure which usually heightens sweetness.

Learn more about sweet cherries with this quick Guide to Sweet Cherry Varieties.

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