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Chiles / Hot Peppers

Chiles, chile peppers, hot peppers - whatever you call them - are one of the great culinary gifts the American continents have given the world. From sweet to unbearably spicy, chiles come in all levels of heat, many flavors, all sizes, and an impressive (not to mention beautiful) array of colors. The same plant can produce several different chiles, since names and flavors change as the peppers ripen and are dried or smoked. Jalapenos, for example, are fresh green chiles. When those same chiles are dried and smoked they become chipotles. Same botanical chile, two culinary chiles. Chiles need heat to get hot and fresh chiles are in season in the United States towards the end of summer and early fall. Dried chiles, of course, are available year round.

How to Roast & Peel Chiles (Chili Peppers)
Roasting softens the intense flavor of chiles, bringing out their earthy, smoky goodness. Roasting chiles until the skins are blistered and black also makes pulling off their skins as easy as peeling off a piece of tin foil.

Fresh Hot Chiles
There are many types of chiles beyond the jalapenos now at most grocery stores. Fresh and dried, hot and mild. These fresh, hot chiles (a.k.a. hot peppers or chili peppers) are worth seeking out if you crave a real kick of heat.

Guide to Dried Chiles
Dried chiles have different flavors and uses than fresh chiles. Learn about different types of dried chiles here.

Baked Chiles Rellenos
These chiles rellenos are roasted, stuffed, and baked (and even the roasting part of optional!).

Chile & Cilantro Guacamole
Great with chips, on tacos, or any other way you might use guacamole.

Chile Cabbage Slaw
Chile Cabbage Salad uses thin slices of jalapeño chiles to add a bit of zip to crunchy cabbage salad.

Chile Chicken Soup
Leftover chicken turns into a quick spicy dinner.

Chile Chicken Tortilla Soup
Easy and wonderfully warming soup.

Chile Coffee Spice Rub
An easy spice rub for beef or pork.

Chile Citrus Sauce
Chile Citrus Sauce packs a big punch with very little effort.

Chile Onion Salsa
Serve this Chile Onion Salsa with roasted or grilled meats or alongside stews that could use some brightening up.

Cream of Green Chile Soup
This Cream of Green Chile Soup is based on one served at Duarte's Tavern in Pescadero, California.

Green Beans With Mint Chile Dressing
Give fresh steamed green beans a bright, hot kick in the pants with this minted jalapeno marinade.

Green Chile Cheeseburger
By putting roasted chiles and grated cheddar cheese into the burgers themselves, you can cook these Green Chile Cheeseburgers thoroughly and they stay juicy and flavorful.

Green Chile Tomatillo Soup
Fresh, roasted green chiles and roasted skinned tomatillos make a lightly spicy and luscious pureed soup all on there own.

Homemade Harissa
Harissa is a hot sauce %u2013 more of a paste really %u2013 from North Africa.

Mushroom Potato Enchiladas
These delicious and earthy vegetarian Mushroom Potato Enchiladas are extra yummy with a side salad and a bit of crema or thinned sour cream alongside.

Nuoc Cham Vietnamese Dipping Sauce
Nuoc cham, a Vietnamese dipping sauce, is spicy and drizzled (or poured) over plenty of dishes in Vietnamese cuisine. See how easy it is to make your own nuoc cham here.

Padron Peppers
Pimientons de Padron (Padron Peppers)are tiny green peppers and a traditional tapas treat from the Galicia region of Spain.

Pickled Jalapeños
These pickled jalapeños add a bit of heat to sandwiches, burgers, tacos, salads - you name it.

Pork Green Chili
This Pork Green Chili uses plenty of roasted and peeled relatively mild chiles and succulent pork to create an easy and warming stew.

Potato Corn Chile Casserole
Potatoes, sweet corn, and roasted chiles are hearty and delicious.

Kumquat Jalapeno Paste
A quirky, delicious, multi-use condiment.

Red Chile, Chard, Barley, and Bean Soup
This Red Chile, Chard, Barley, and Bean Soup will warm you inside and out.

Roasted Green Chile Dressing
This salad dressing doubles as a sauce for grilled meats - making wonderful use of fresh, roasted green chiles.

Salsa Fresca
If everyone knew how easy it was to make their own salsa, it may lose its place as the top-selling condiment!

Simple Spicy Tomato Sauce
Fresh chiles give this simple tomato sauce a kick.

Strawberry Poblano Salsa
Mild and crunchy poblano chiles (also sold as pasillas) paired with sweet strawberries and zesty spring onions make this salsa a real crowd-pleaser.

Red Chile Turkey Soup With Masa Dumplings
Red Chile Turkey Soup With Masa Dumplings

Roasting Chiles in New Mexico
Every year a wonderful thing happens in New Mexico - people up and down the state buy scads of green or red chiles, have them roasted, peel them by hand, and freeze them to last (hopefully!) until the next harvest. See local foods in action here.

New Mexico Green Chiles and Red Chiles
Whats' the difference between New Mexico green chiles (Hatch chiles) and New Mexico red chiles? Find out!

Turkey Green Chili
This Turkey Green Chili couldn't be easier or more delicious - turkey, green chiles, hominy, and white beans.

Vegetarian Enchiladas (Zucchini, Cabbage, and Chile)
Vegetarian enchiladas full of zucchini, cabbage, and chiles.

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