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Easy Homemade Tomato Paste


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Start With Excellent Tomatoes
Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste

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Homemade tomato paste is remarkable. It is thick and sticky and gooey and sweet and transmits complete tomato essence to whatever you add it to. Plus, it's a great way to store a haul of tomatoes in a compact, useful fashion.

Use only the ripest (a bit too ripe is okay), sweetest, more delicious tomatoes you can find. I look for dry-farmed, vine-ripened tomatoes. Concentrated tomatoes like Roma, paste, or Early Girl tomatoes work extremely well in this recipe. If you use juicier tomatoes, be sure to follow the note on de-seeding and de-juicing them in the next step.

To make tomato paste you'll need:

  • 5 lbs. of tomatoes
  • 1 tsp. sea salt
  • 1/2 to 1 cup good quality extra-virgin olive oil
  • Large pot
  • Food mill or large sieve
  • Large rimmed baking pan
  • Container(s) for the paste (2 or 3 half-pint jars with lids are perfect)

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