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Cucumber Cocktails

Refreshing Cucumber Drinks and Mocktails


Cucumbers – with insides that can be up to 20 degrees lower than the surrounding temperature! – add their cooling properties and light, crisp flavor to a bevy of refreshing cocktails (and a sophisticated mocktail) in the recipes below.

Cucumber Martinis

Photo © Molly Watson

These cucumber martinis are strong yet that lovely herbaceous cucumber flavor makes them somehow refreshing at the same time. Serve these with simple salty snacks like nuts or, even better, a selection of crudités with a light yogurt-based dip. 

Cucumber Sake Cocktail

Photo © Molly Watson

These light cocktails are remakrably cooling and refreshing at the end of a hot summer's day. They also couldn't be quicker to pull together – perfect for when you want to serve something a bit beyond beer and wine but aren't in the mood to play full-on bartender!

Cucumber Mint Mocktail

Homemade Cucumber Mint Soda
Photo © Molly Watson

A lightly sweetened sparkling mocktail flavored with cucumber and mint is more interesting and sophisticated than soda or plain fizzy water. Serve as a "mocktail" for those who don't drink at a party or simply as a soda at lunch.

Cucumber Vodka

Cucumber-infused vodka is a wonder in a Cucumber Martini (see above), or as a fun take in a vodka tonic, vodka and soda, or simply vodka on the rocks.

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