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Seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs are all put to thirst-quenching use in these recipes for cocktails, soft drinks, smoothies, and more.
  1. Cocktail Recipes (24)

Homemade Soda
Sweet and flavorful sparkling drinks are delicious and refreshing, not to mention easy to make at home. Make your own homemade soda with this easy guide.

Cherry Smoothie
Make a Cherry Smoothie for breakfast today for a real summer treat.

Cucumber Mint Soda
A few slices of cucumber, a bit of sugar, a sprig of mint, and a blast of club soda or seltzer water make a refreshing, decidedly grown-up, homemade soda pop.

Homemade Lemon Rosemary Soda
Did you know you can make your own soda? This Homemade Lemon Rosemary Soda is an excellent example of the amazing flavor you can get by making your own soda treats.

Homemade Lemonade
See how easy it is to make lemonade from scratch.

Honey Lemon Ginger Tea
Feeling cold? Stuffy? Sore throat? Honey Lemon Ginger Tea will cure what ails you.

Mango Lassi (Fruit Smoothie)
Make a delicious mango lassi - the original fruit smoothie - with this easy recipe for a mango lassi fruit smoothie.

Melon Aqua Fresca
Simple puréed melon can make the most refreshing summer drink.

Mint Lassi
A mint lassi is simply mint and yogurt - with a bit of sweetener and lime for kicks - whirled into a smooth and refreshing drink.

Homemade Strawberry Soda Pop
Fresh strawberries, a bit of sweetener, club soda or seltzer water, and you have delicious, refreshing, homemade soda pop.

Mixed Berry Smoothie
Fresh or frozen berries become a simple breakfast.

Strawberry Smoothie
Ripe berries become a sweet breakfast.

Rosemary Mint Lemon Cooler
Fresh herbs and refreshing lemons make a refreshing mocktail.

Cucumber Sake Cocktail
A few slices of cucumber transform humble sake into a remarkably refreshing cocktail, as if by magic.

New Orleans Milk Punch
This New Orleans Milk Punch is a drink in the tradition of Bloody Marys and other drinks designed to be drunk the morning after, to ease the pain. New Orleans Milk Punch is so tasty, be sure the cure doesn't because the cause!

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