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New Years Eve Cocktails

Festive Drinks to Ring In the New Year


Toast the start of 2013 with one of these festive (but easy) cocktails. Most of them use champagne or sparkling wine as a base, all the better to be festive!

1. Anise Champagne Cocktails

Anise Champagne Cocktail
Photo © Molly Watson

A bit of anise liqueur (like Pernod) and gin add a light floral essence to sparkling wine.

2. Classic Champagne Cocktails

Champagne Cocktails
Photo © Molly Watson

Champagne cocktails dress up so-so sparkling wine into wonderful cocktails – perfect for New Years Eve, especially if the party is large and your budget is limited. Equally classic and just as easy is a Kir Royale – crème de cassis  champagne.

3. Cucumber Martinis

Photo © Molly Watson

Cucumber martinis are cooling enough for summer – or a crowded house or apartment full of party-goers.

4. Lemon Drop Champagne Cocktail

Photo © Molly Watson

A bit of lemon syrup, a splash of vodka, and a twist of lemon topped with champagne or sparkling wine created a refreshing and festive (not to mention seasonal!) cocktail to ring in the new year.

5. Manhattans

Photo © Molly Watson

Manhattans may be a little, um, strong, to sip all night – but they are perfect for a cold night or for sipping around the fire.

6. New Orleans Milk Punch

New Orleans Milk Punch
Photo © Molly Watson

New Orleans Milk Punch is as much a perfect antidote to the party the next morning as an element of the party itself. It has a great lighter-than-eggnog quality that makes it great for the holidays.

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