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Best Local Foods Blogs

Guide to the Best Blogs about Local Foods and Eating Locally


There are plenty of blogs out there about local foods and eating locally - here, in no particular order, are some of the best. Don't see your favorite here? Tell us about it!

  • The Ethicurean: Chew the Right Thing is a group blog about eating good food, in the widest sense of the meaning "good." Fun, informative, timely.
  • Food In Jars is one girl's obsession with jars, canning, cookbooks, homemade meals and simple, good food. She's based in Philadelphia, so it follows seasons familiar to those on the East Coast and Midwest.
  • Obama Foodarama focuses on the President and First Lady's food initiatives. Informative and entertaining.
  • The Inadvertant Gardener is great reading for anyone (like me, for example) who loves fresh food but wasn't born with a green thumb. Educational and funny.
  • La Tartine Gourmande contains dispatches about eating well in the Boston area with a decidedly French twist.
  • Politics of the Plate is written by Barry Estabrook, of Gourmet magazine fame. Smart, well researched, and always interesting.
  • Civil Eats covers important policy issues connected to food, be they environmental, school food, agroecology, animal welfare, or labor practices.

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