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Apple Varieties

From "Arkansas Black Apples" to "Winesap Apples"


Lady Apples

Photo © Molly Watson
These dainty, tiny little things are irresistible - at least to me. I love their green-and-red coloring and their three-bite size. They are, to my mind, truly snack size.


McIntosh Apples

McIntosh apples are pretty red-and-green apples with a good sweet-tart balance and a crisp, juicy texture, They are great eating apples but turn to mush almost immediately when cooked.

Mutsu Apples (a.k.a. Crispin Apples)

Photo © Molly Watson
Mutsu apples were first grown in Japan. They are a cross between a Golden Delicious and an Indo. They have a creamy white flesh, crisp, juicy texture, and mellow apple flavor. They are great for eating and baking.

Northern Spy Apples

Photo © Molly Watson
Northern Spy apples are one of the great eating apples, known for complex flavor. Sweet and tart, crisp and juicy. They also bake well.

Pink Lady Apples

Photo © Molly Watson
Pink Ladies are definitely pretty in pink. Light red on the outside, they have a delicate, sweet, pink flesh. A great eating apple.

Rome Beauty Apples

Photo © Molly Watson
Rome Beauty apples are crisp and firm. Great for baking, since they hold their shape well. they tend to be a bit dry and so are less commonly used as eating apples.

Sierra Beauty Apples

Photo © Molly Watson
If you like tart apples, Sierra Beauty apples are for you. Super tangy, nice and crisp. Good for eating or baking.

Winesap Apples

Photo © Molly Watson
Winesap apples are small. very firm, crisp apples. They have a slightly spicy flavor that's great for eating and baking. An excellent storage apple.

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