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Fall Cooking: Easy Recipes & Local Resources


Fall - a.k.a."harvest season" - has much to recommend it for local eaters. Plenty of summer produce stays in season well into October in many regions, and storage fruits and vegetables that help get us through winter like apples, potatoes, onions, beets, cabbages, and winter squashes abound. Pears ripen, figs have their second season, and cooking greens of all sorts pileup at farmers markets.
  1. What's In Season In Fall?
  2. Fall Fruits
  3. Fall Vegetables
  4. Warming Fall Soups
  5. Fall Salads
  1. Easy Main Dishes For Fall
  2. Simple Fall Vegetable Pastas
  3. Yummy Fall Desserts
  4. More Seasonal Cooking

What's In Season In Fall?

First things first. Eating locally is eating seasonally. To eat seasonally you need to know what's in season.

Fall Fruits

The orchard fruits of fall add sweetness – and often a bit of crunch – to autumnal eating.

Fall Vegetables

Fall vegetables - from arugula to winter squash - tend to have deep, dark colors and flavor to match.

Warming Fall Soups

The crisp days of fall demand a dramatic increase in soup consumption (or is that just at my house?). Try these warming, seasonal soups to chase away that increasing chill in the air.

Fall Salads

Fall salads are full of hearty root vegetables, crunchy bitter greens, and crisp salad greens.

Easy Main Dishes For Fall

These main dishes have a heartiness we all look for come fall, and pair well with fall fruits and vegetables as side dishes and salads.

Simple Fall Vegetable Pastas

Pasta dishes are quick, nutritious, and one of the easiest ways to add plenty of seasonal vegetables to a meal. Try one of these endlessly flexible pasta dishes - switch out a cheese, use cauliflower instead of broccoli, add nuts and herbs as you like.

Yummy Fall Desserts

Fall fruits and vegetables can be used to make a wide range of homey crisps and pies and tarts and cakes.

More Seasonal Cooking

Is it not quite fall where you are? Is autumn long passed? Find seasonal cooking for anytime of year.

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