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Veggie Bugs at the Farmers Market


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Veggie Bugs - What Can Kids Make With Vegetables and Toothpicks?
Veggie Bugs

Veggie Bugs

Photo © Juliet Glass, used with permission

A farmers market full of farmers selling fresh produce (H street market in Washington D.C., to be specific), a mess of kids on a Saturday morning, a box of toothpicks, some pipe cleaners, and a few sets of googly eyes yielded some fabulous creations. Kids were invited to use fresh vegetables to create bugs and other creatures one Saturday morning. The results — like those above — were impressive.

Want to make your own veggie creatures? We found eggplants and peppers yielded the best results — neither too hard (little hands find potatoes are surprisingly tricky to poke with toothpicks) nor too soft (tomatoes were messy, to put it mildly). And no trouble with dripping juice (peaches seemed like a good idea....).

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