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Fava Beans

Fava beans are a favorite in Mediterranean countries and famously labor-intensive to prepare. These simple recipes maximize their unique flavor (and the work that goes into accessing it).

All About Fava Beans

Fava beans come in soft green pods that yield tender, sweet, spring-y beans perfect in salads and other spring-time dishes. Learn how to use them (and get great recipes) here.

How to Shell Fava Beans
See the most efficient way to shell fava beans with this step-by-step photo guide.

How to Cook Fava Beans In the Pod
Super easy ways to cook whole fava bean pods.

Braised Fava Beans
Braised Fava Beans are cooked whole -- yes, you can eat the entire pod! The long cooking time renders the pod and beans luscious and lovely.

Corn & Fava Bean Risotto
There is usually just a brief window of opportunity to make this corn and fava bean risotto--the very end of spring turned first glimpse of summer, when, if you’re lucky, both fava beans and sweet corn are available.

Dried Fava Bean Soup
This Fava Bean Soup uses dried, peeled fava beans for a rich texture and sweet, mellow flavor.

Cream of Fava Bean Soup
The light but earthy flavor of fava beans is augmented by rich cream in this simple yet devastating fava bean soup recipe.

Farro Spring Salad
Farro - whole wheat kernels – is cooked and tossed with a light lemony dressing and plenty of spring vegetables (asparagus, peas, fava beans, and scallions) along with fresh herbs in this hearty and healthful spring salad.

Fava Bean and Pecorino Salad
This simple salad is a wonderful way to enjoy the fresh, spring flavor of fava beans.

Fava Bean Dip
A zesty dip or spread.

Fava Bean Purée
Fava beans make an incredibly rich purée, perfect to serve in small portions alongside roasted chicken or pork.

Fava Beans Braised In Tomato
Make the whole pod edible with this tasty recipe.

Fresh Fava Ful
Fresh favas add a real twist to this classic Mideastern dish.

Grilled Fava Beans
By far the easiest way to cook fava beans!

Marinated Fava Beans
Add these fava beans to a salad or an antipasto platter. This easy recipe makes the most of the small amount of beans you can glean from the pods.

Roasted Fava Beans
Roasting makes the whole pod edible!

Sauted Fava Beans
Simple sauted fava beans are a lovely, super spring-y side dish. They are particularly delicious alongside chicken or egg dishes.

Spring Vegetable Couscous
Garden peas, snap peas, spring onions, and fava beans cooked with large couscous and topped with a spring onion-lemon relish and feta cheese is an easy spring vegetable couscous.

Spring Vegetable Risotto
Spring Vegetable Risotto is a cozy way to welcome in the tender vegetables of spring.

Vignarole (Italian Spring Vegetable Stew)
An utterly simple and delicious Italian spring classic.

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