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Find Local Foods By State

Use these state guides – and recommendations and tips from fellow readers – to find local foods, farmers markets, seasonality guides, food festivals, and more near you.
  1. Mid-Atlantic State Guides (12)
  2. Midwest State Guides (21)
  3. Mountain State Guides (9)
  4. New England State Guides (11)
  5. South and Southeast State Guides (23)
  6. Southwest State Guides (9)
  7. West Coast State Guides (11)

State Guides to Eating Locally
A collection of all the state guides to show you what's in season, where to buy it, and how to cook it in your state.

Louisiana Local Foods
Louisiana is known for great music, great fun, and great food. Learn more about eating locally (and like a local) in Louisiana with with primer on its local foods.

Maine Local Foods
Find local foods in Maine with this introduction to seasons, farmers markets, and Maine specialties.

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