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Alabama Local Foods

Guide to Local Foods in Alabama


Eating locally in Alabama is a delicious prospect. A wide range of produce is grown in the Yellowhammer State, which enjoys a wonderfully long growing season. Southern cooking specialties define local cuisine, and the Gulf Coast provides plenty of seafood. I've gathered together resources for exploring local foods in Alabama below. Know about something I haven't included? Tell us about it!

What's In Season In Alabama?

Photo © Molly Watson
Alabama's mild climate is great for local eaters. Satsuma oranges and bananas can be found at some markets along with the more predictable sweet potatoes, tomatoes, greens, beans, and okra. Find out what to expect when with this Alabama Seasonality Guide.

Alabama Farmers Markets & Farm Stands

Alabama image used with permission from: http://www.photoeverywhere.co.uk

Some Alabama farmers markets are open year-round, but most close between November and February. Be sure to check listings before heading out - Alabama Farmers Market Listings.

Whether you're new to farmers markets or an old hand, check these Farmers Market Shopping Tips for great ideas.

Alabama Local Specialties

Shrimp and Grits
Photo © Molly Watson
Alabama, with a temperate climate and an active Gulf Coast, has many regional specialties and regional foods that make it a great eating state. Wild shrimp, crawfish, barbeque, and classic southern pickles are just some of the fabulous local foods that litter the state with deliciousness:

Alabama Local Foods Blogs

I do what I can, but no one can cover the local foods scene in a place better than someone on the ground. I've gathered some blogs and websites that do a great job with highlighting the best of eating locally in Alabama – Alabama Local Foods Blogs.
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