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Arkansas Local Foods

Guides to Seasonal Produce, Farmers Markets, and More in Arkansas


Eating local in Arkansas is a bit easier with the right information – like what's in season and where is the nearest farmers market. Find it here. Know about something I missed? Tell us about it!

Arkansas Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

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From fat okra pods to ultra-ripe tomatoes, see what's in season when with this Arkansas Seasonality Guide.

Arkansas Farmers Markets

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Farmers markets are great places to find lots of locally grown foods, from the expected fruits and vegetables to treasures of local honey, pastured eggs, and more. Find a farmers market near you in with this Guide to Arkansas Farmers Markets.

Arkansas Food Festivals

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What better way to revel in local specialties than a good old-fashioned food festival? Here are a few that happen annually in Arkansas.

Little Rock Local Foods

This guide to eating locally from About.com's Guide to Little Rock is a great way to get started eating more Local Foods in Little Rock.

Arkansas Local Foods Resources

Once you've figured out seasons and where the nearest farmers market is, dig in a bit deeper with the help of Arkansas Local Foods Initiative, an organization promoting local foods in Arkansas.

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