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Colorado Local Foods

Find Fresh Local Foods In Colorado


Colorado is a great state for local foods with a varied agriculture, famed orchard fruits, plenty of farmers markets, and a vibrant local foods movement. Is there something you particularly love about eating locally in Colorado? Tell us about it!

Colorado Fruits & Vegetables

Photo © Rosanna Nafziger
Colorado has large potato and onion crops, as well as carrots, corn, spinach and salad greens. The Western Slope area grows famously good apples, peaches, apricots, and cherries. Smaller specialty crops show up at farmers markets around the state, but this Guide to Colorado Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables is a good place to get started knowing what to expect when.

Colorado Farmers Markets

Image of Vail Farmers Market Tents
Photo Used With Permission from the Vail Farmers Market
Find a Colorado Farmers Market near you to get started eating local, seasonal produce. Many markets in Colorado also sell honey, pastured meats, and artisan cheeses.

Whether you're a an old hand or new to farmers market shopping, see these Ten Tips for Shopping Farmers Markets before you head out.

Colorado Community Supported Agriculture

Photo © Molly Watson
Colorado has many more farms offering CSA membership than can be detailed here, but this of Colorado CSAs will get you started finding a community supported agriculture program near you in Colorado.

Colorado Favorites: Bison

American Bison
Photo © Paul E Tessier, used with permission from Getty Images
That prairie in the eastern part of the state? That was once filled with bison. Some people are trying to bring it back, such as Black Forest Bison in Colorado Springs.

Spots for Local Foods in Colorado

Fresh & Wyld is a CSA, an inn, a part-time restaurant, and cooking school in Paonia, Colorado. Chef Dava Parr has a kitchen garden, orchard, and chicken coop that help supply the inn.

Colorado Local Foods Blogs

Blogs can be great paces to get ideas and find inspiration – people shopping the same markets, facing the same seasonality. Find ideas and inspiration from these Blogs About Focal Foods in Colorado.

Colorado Favorites: Peaches

Photo © Molly Watson

The sunny foothills of Colorado are prime growing area for some amazing peaches. Look for them in mid- to late-summer at farmers markets, farm stands, and stores smart enough to source these local fruits. Then learn All About Peaches to make the most of your haul.

Colorado Local Foods Resources

For more information about eating locally and finding local foods in Colorado, check out these organizations:

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