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Delaware Local Foods

Find Local Foods in Delaware


What's in season in Delaware? Where are the farmers markets? Find answers here. Below is a work-in-progress, so please, if you have a tip, resource, or idea take a minute and tell me about them!

Delaware Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

Photo © Molly Watson
Wondering when lettuce might start showing up at the farmers market? Curious if that sweet corn at the supermarket could possibly be from a local farm? Use this guide to Delaware Seasonal Produce to get the answers.

Delaware Farmers Markets

Cauliflower at Market
Photo © Molly Watson
Find a local farmers market in Delaware. Whether you're new to farmers market shopping or an old-hand at roaming the stalls, psych yourself up and make the most of your visit with 10 Tips for Shopping at Farmers Markets.

Delaware CSAs

Photo © Molly Watson
Community Supported Agriculture in Delaware is in a growing stage. A few established programs in this guide to Delaware CSAs are just the beginning of the possibilities. If you're looking for a CSA near you, try asking vendors at farmers markets if they have or are thinking of starting CSA programs.

Delaware Crabs

Blue Crabs
Photo © Cavan Images / Getty Images
Delaware's famous blue crabs are the state's most valuable fishery, with an average commercial catch of 50,000 bushels every year. You can buy crabs and boil them yourself. Pick the meat and serve with melted butter. Any extra picked crab meat can be used to make crab cakes.

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