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Massachusetts Local Foods

Find Great Local Foods in Massachusetts


There is impressive local eating to be done in Massachusetts. Farmers markets, meat clubs, and community supported fisheries offer a breadth of local foods not found in every state. Begin your local foods adventure with these starting points. Have a favorite of your own? Be sure to let us know!

Massachusetts Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

Photo © Molly Watson
Massachusetts has a relatively short growing season, but once it gets going the harvest tends to come in fast and furious. Learn what to expect when with this Guide to Massachusetts Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables.

Massachusetts Farmers Markets

Photo © Molly Watson
Massachusetts has plenty of farmers markets in every county. Find a market near you with these Massachusetts Farmers Market Listings.

Massachusetts Lobster

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Massachusetts has great lobster. Maine, too, of course, has great lobster. The debate is not so much about which is better or more or bigger, but we could just all acknowledge that both states enjoy an ample harvest of delicious, rich, sweet Atlantic lobster. Brian McGrory, Boston Globe Columnist put the states' lobsters to the test with Boston-area chefs and the two came out tied.

Once you have your lobster in hand, you just need to know How to Cook a Lobster and How to Eat a Lobster. Dip it in melted butter and sigh.

Too simple? Want more? Throw together a serious clambake in fine New England style.

Serious lobster buffs: Read about the history of lobster to see how this crustacean went from poor man's food to the mark of fine dining.

Massachusetts Oysters

Atlantic Oysters
Photo © Molly Watson

Massachusetts is known for its fabulously briny Wellfleet oysters, Atlantic oysters raised in Wellfleet Harbor. There are, however, plenty of other places in the state that raise delicious oysters to enjoy on the half-shell or grill or turn into chowder. Island Creek Oysters, for example, offers special oyster tours of their facilities for the truly oyster-obsessed.

Cape Ann Fresh Catch (Community Supported Fishery)

Cape Ann Fresh Catch offers members a share of whatever is freshest from the catch each week throughout the summer from local fishing boats. From the Gloucester Fishermen's Wives Association (GFWA), MIT SeaGrant, and the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, Cape Ann Fresh Catch brings the freshest haddock, cod, flounder, hake, dabs, grey sole, monkfish, pollock, and redfish, as well as seafood such as clams, lobsters and scallops, in line with which fisheries are doing well and where weather has allowed for the best fishing.

Massachusetts Meat CSAs

Meat CSAs work pretty much like produce CSAs - consumers buy "shares" of a farm's harvest and receive a portion of the harvest, usually in weekly deliveries, except deliveries tend to be monthly. They are not so much about saving money as they are about having access to meat from humanely raised animals and supporting a farm or groups of farms following sustainable animal husbandry practices and producing meat that you like. The Boston area has a few meat CSAs to chose from:

New England Confectionery Company (NECCO)

The New England Confectionery Company (NECCO), headquartered just outside of Boston in Revere, Mass., got its start in 1847. The oldest multiline candy company in the United States, NECCO manufactures classic candies such as NECCO Wafers and Sweethearts Conversation Hearts.

Massachusetts Local Foods Resources

Find ideas, inspiration, like-minded folks, and - let's not forget - great sources for local foods with these Massachusetts Local Foods Resources:
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