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Mississippi Local Foods

Guide to Mississippi Local Foods


Catfish, biscuits, greens... local eating in Mississippi is hearty and satisfying. Find out when to find the best produce, where farmers markets are near you, and more about eating locally in Mississippi. Have a favorite thing about eating locally in Mississippi? Tell us about it!

Mississippi Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

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The first step to eating locally is to know what can and does grow locally and when it's in season. Learn about Mississippi seasons with this Guide to Mississippi Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables.

Mississippi Farmers Markets

Sweet Potato Greens
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Mississippi has plenty of farmers markets and even more informal farm stands. Find one near you with these Mississippi Farmers Markets Listings.

Mississippi Food Festivals

Mississippi hosts plenty of food festivals, here are a few highlights:
  • The Natchez Food & Wine Festival takes place every summer in Natchez, Mississippi with plenty of tastings, dinners, and other food-centric events.
  • Biloxi, Mississippi hosts several food festivals, including a Seafood Festival every September.
  • Smith County watermelons are the featured item at the Mize, Mississippi Mize Watermelon Festival every July.

Mississippi Specialties

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