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Nebraska Local Foods

Guide to Nebraska Local Foods


Find out what's in season, what to look for, and where to buy it in the Cornhusker State.

Nebraska Seasonal Produce

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Nebraska's growing season isn't the longest in the country—but it isn't the shortest, either. Backyard and kitchen gardens are abundant throughout the state, so plenty of people are fully in-tune with what's in season when. If you're not one of those, check out this Guide to Nebraska Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables to give you a sense of what grows locally when.

Nebraska Farmers Markets

Image of Pastured Eggs
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Nebraska is full of farms and farmers markets. Most of them are open-air and seasonal—running from May through September or early October. The peak season is the end of June through August, when fresh fruits and vegetables run fast and furious into the markets. Look also for locally raised meats and eggs, small-batch baked goods, and old-fashioned preserves.

Find a market near you with this Guide to Nebraska Farmers Markets.

Nebraska Grass-Fed Beef

There are acres upon acres upon square miles of pasture in Nebraska, and some of that acreage if grazing land for grass-fed beef. A few are Boettcher Organics in Bassett, Butterfly Acres Cattle in Stanton, and Circle Arrows Longhorns in Harrisburg.

Not sure what "grass-fed" means? Check out the specifics of Beef Labels and What They Mean.

Nebraska Sweet Corn

Picture of Corn on the Cob
Photo © Molly Watson
Sure, local sweet corn is a great treat in plenty of states, but Nebraska has worked it deep into its identity. I like my corn grilled or whirled into a cake - find great ways to Cook Sweet Corn here.

Can It!

Pickled Asparagus
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A fine tradition of home canning, pickle-making, jamming, and any other way you can preserve food (drying, freezing, cellaring etc.) have long been popular in Nebraska. Kitchen gardens supplied the bulk of produce for farm households and plenty in towns and cities too. As DIY food skills come back into fashion, that tradition in Nebraska stands tall and proud.

Find tasty pickle recipes here.

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