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Rhode Island Local Foods

Find Tasty Local Foods in the Ocean State


Small but mighty can describe Rhode Island. This guide focuses on foods actually from the state of Rhode Island, but "local" in this small state can include farms and products from the rest of New England.

Rhode Island Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

Beets and Carrots at Market
Photo © Molly Watson

Find out what's in season with this Guide to Rhode Island Seasonal Produce. Then head to one of the plenty of farmers markets in Rhode Island, most run June to October (or there about). Find one near you with this Guide to Rhode Island Farmers Markets. Check out these Farmers Market Tips before you go to make the most of your trip.

Rhode Island Favorites: Coffee Milk

Coffee milk is not a cafe au lait or any other coffee drink. Rhode Island coffee milk is basically chocolate milk made with coffee syrup instead of chocolate syrup. Eclipse and Autocrat are two popular types of both the syrup and of pre-made coffee milk (note, they are both made by the Autocrat company).

Add ice cream and you then have what people in the rest of the country might think of as a coffee shake, coffee milk shake, or coffee ice cream shake but which in Rhode Island is known as a coffee cabinet.

Learn more About Coffee Milk and Coffee Cabinet here.

Rhode Island Local Foods Resources

Use these resources to get ideas and find like-minded people in Rhode Island:

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