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Tennessee Local Foods

Guide to Tennessee Local Foods


From Knoxville to Memphis, Tennessee is full of great local foods. Learn what's in season when, where to find farmers markets, and about Tennessee barbecue (not to mention moonpies and RC Cola) with the resources below. Have a Tennessee favorite you don't see here? Tell us about it!

Tennessee Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

Photo © Molly Watson
A long varied growing season - with plenty of summer heat – means there are tons of fresh fruits and vegetables to be had in Tennessee. Whether you're shopping farmers markets, stopping at farm stands, hoping to find local produce at your grocery store, or growing your own, know what to expect when with this Guide to Tennessee Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables.

Tennessee Farmers Markets

Beets and Carrots at Market
Photo © Molly Watson
Tennessee has plenty of farmers markets, and the cities have large, thriving farmers markets every weekend. Find a Tennessee farmers market near you with this Guide to Tennessee Farmers Markets.

Tennessee Barbecue

Photo © Molly Watson
Tennessee is most famous for its Memphis-Style Barbecue of ribs or pulled pork. The meat is cooked with just a Memphis-style dry rub on it for seasoning (and gets lots of flavor from the smoke) and served with a sauce of tomatoes, vinegar, and spices (which vary greatly from cook to cook) that is thin, tangy, and just a bit sweet (this Memphis Barbecue Sauce Recipe will give you a sense of it).

Memphis-Style Barbecue Ribs Recipe

Tennessee Favorites: Tomatoes

Photo © Molly Watson
Summer heat makes Tennessee tomatoes something special. Read more about the Tennessee love affair with tomatoes and then learn All About Tomatoes and get great ideas for using tomatoes.

Tennessee Creations: Moonpies and RC Cola

Moonpies originated in Chattanooga in 1934. Learn about their association with the South's beloved RC Cola in this article Moonpies & RC Colas.

Tennessee Favorites: Meat-n-Threes

Popular throughout the South, Meat N Threes are restaurants that offer your choice of meat and three vegetables, with cornbread and/or rolls. Most will pour sweet tea and a homemade dessert at the end. The point, in short, is a homey meal just like Mom might have made.

Tennessee Wines

Tennessee may be better know for its whiskey than its wine, but wineries are popping up around the state – and not just making traditional blackberry wine, either. Find a Tennessee winery open to the public.

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