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State Guides to Eating Locally


Use these state guides to find what's in season, where to buy it, and how to cook it in your state. These guides are a work-in-progress, so check back soon if your state isn't featured yet and feel free to email me suggestions - certified farmers markets, great food festivals, or local specialties - for your state at localfoods@aboutguide.com.
  1. Mid-Atlantic States
  2. Midwest State Guides
  3. Mountain State Guides
  4. New England State Guides
  1. South & Southeast State Guides
  2. Texas & Southwest State Guides
  3. West Coast, Alaska & Hawaii State Guides

Mid-Atlantic States

Most of the mid-Atlantic states are characterized by slightly milder winters than New England, and steady long summers. New York cherries, New Jersey sweet corn (and tomatoes!), access to excellent seafood (including blue crabs)....

Midwest State Guides

Most farmland in the midwest may be devoted to corn, soy, and wheat, but rich farmland and hot summers are conducive to growing plenty of other edibles.

Mountain State Guides

Relatively extreme seasons and plenty of variation in altitude give the mountain states a wide range of produce. Grazing land, cold mountain streams, and plenty of woods filled with game are sources for a great variety of meat and fresh-water fish.

New England State Guides

Wellfleet oysters, Vermont maple syrup, Maine wild blueberries. Great food pervades New England.

South & Southeast State Guides

Long growing seasons, hot summers, and local traditions of using or preserving every part of the hunt and garden are just part of what make local eating in the South such a pleasure.

Texas & Southwest State Guides

Chiles, corn, beans, squash, and cactus leaves are just some of the foodstuffs that keep eating local in the Southwest interesting.

West Coast, Alaska & Hawaii State Guides

Seasons and produce vary greatly between these states, but they all share plenty of access to fresh seafood and local traditions of good eating.

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