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About Spring Fruits & Vegetables

Spring Produce: What's In Season, Where to Find It, How to Cook It


The tender, sweet produce of spring is a welcome sight by the end of a winter filled with root vegetables, hearty greens, storage crops, and preserves. The magic of eating locally is how deeply one can start eating with the seasons, developing a diet that changes dramatically through the year.

What's In Season?

The first big step towards eating more locally is learning what is in season when where you live. When you know what's in season, you know what to expect at farmers markets and other local sources, as well as what fruits and vegetables at more conventional markets might be locally grown.

Delicious Spring Fruits & Vegetables

Learn more about the fruits and vegetables that make spring such a delicious season.

Fresh Spring Salads

The delightfully tender produce of spring makes the best salads of the year.

Simple Spring Soups

Light spring produce can make delicate yet satisfying soups with little effort. One thing I like to do make large batches of stock and freeze it in 1-qt containers so I always have great-tasting, unsalted broth on hand for the best possible soups. Whether you use homemade or store-bought stock, however, try these wonderfully easy vegetable-laden soups as ways to enjoy spring produce and get plenty of vegetables on the table.

Quick Spring Dishes

Spring vegetables require very little cooking to bring out their fresh, green flavor.

Spring Desserts

Simple, fruit-laden desserts are the icing on the cake of eating locally. They taste great, are easy to make, and provide plenty of nutrition along with a little something sweet at the end of the meal.

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