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How to Prepare Abalone


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Start With a Whole Cleaned Abalone
A Whole Cleaned Abalone

A Whole Cleaned Abalone

Photo © Molly Watson
Abalone is famously delicious - I think of it as a cross between scallops and foie gras, which sounds not delicious, but it's like a delicious cross between those two - and famously tough. This mollusk is one solid muscle and needs some help relaxing into tenderness. Some people beat it into submission with a bat (seriously, a baseball bat), others stew in up and force it into submission with long and slow cooking. Me? I prefer to slice it thinly and gently pound the slices a bit thinner to break up the muscle just a bit, yielding rich and flavorful treats.

Start with a fresh, whole, cleaned abalone. Not quite at that point? Check out this Guide to Cleaning Abalone first.

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