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Freezing Parsley

How to Freeze Parsley


Mitch Hrdlicka/Photodisc/Getty Images

Freezing parsley is a great way to preserve the often abundant harvest one can get from this biennial herb (not to mention its earthy flavor). There are two easy ways to freeze parsley:

1. Simply double-bag the parsley, pushing out as much air from the bags as possible, and pop it in the freezer. Snap off the leaves you want to use (frozen parsley is best used in things where its appearance is not of paramount importance - that is, it works better in dishes than used as garnish).

2. Whirl the parsley in a blender with enough water or olive oil to make a thick puree. Freeze this in small covered containers or in a clean ice cube tray. Once frozen through, transfer the parsley cubes to a sealable plastic bag for long-term storage. Plop a parsley cube directly into soups or stews for a burst of fresh herb-iness as the mood strikes you.

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