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Once you're done snacking on these tiny citrus fruits with edible peels, try one of these easy recipes.

All About Kumquats
Kumquats are tiny, fully edible citrus fruits - yes, your can eat the whole kumquat!

Great Ways to Use Kumquats
Try one of these tasty ways to use kumquats when you're lucky enough to find these bright, sweet-tart citrus fruits.

Endive Kumquat Salad
This Endive Kumquat Salad is the perfect end-of-winter salad - it's just bright enough to give you hope for spring.

Honeyed Preserved Kumquats
These Honeyed Preserved Kumquats are an easy way to keep the sweet and tart flavor of kumquats around the house a bit longer than the brief kumquat season.

Kumquat Martinis
Add kumquat's tart, floral note to martinis.

Kumquat Jalapeno Paste
A quirky, delicious, multi-use condiment.

Kumquat Vodka (or Gin)
Add great kumquat flavor to liquor.

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