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How to Grill Mussels

Easy Way to Grill Mussels


How to Grill Mussels

Grilled Mussels

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Grilling mussels is seriously just as easy as throwing clean mussels on a hot grill. How many mussels you want to grill is up to you. Allow at least 1/2 lb. per person for an appetizer and about 2 lbs. per person for a main dish. You may need to grill in batches – an average kettle-style grill can hold about 3 lbs. of mussels at a time.

  1. Heat a grill to medium-high to high heat (you can hold your hand over the cooking grate for 1 to 3 seconds).
  2. Meanwhile, pick over the mussels. Mussels should be alive when you cook them – throw away any mussels that don't close tightly when you tap on them.
  3. Put the mussels on the grill and cook (covered on a gas grill) at least until they open. Some people like their mussels just barely cooked, still soft and tender; other people prefer grilled mussels cooked until they're almost smoked with the flesh condensed and almost crispy on the edges. Taste different levels of done-ness and decide for yourself.

Serve mussels hot, as right off the grill as you can manage!

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