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5 Ways to Eat Melons

Quick & Easy Ways to Eat Melons


Whether you like them in rustic peel-on slices or peeled and cut into cubes, these super-quick ways to serve melons will keep you eating these water- and flavor-laden fruits all through their harvest.

1. Melons With Prosciutto

Photo © Molly Watson
The classic Italian combination exists for a reason: the saltiness and fatty smooth texture of prosciutto (or jamon, speck, or other thinly cut cured ham) and the watery sweet melon temper each other perfectly. Serve melon slices draped in ham, or wrap melon cubes with small strips of meat and secure with a toothpick for an easy appetizer.

2. Melons With Salty Cheese

Photo © Molly Watson
Noticing a theme? The sweetness and juiciness of melons makes them go great with salty, spicy things. Watermelon and feta is a classic combination, but experiment with your favorite melon and un-aged, salted cheese.

3. Melons With Chile Powder & Lime Juice

Chile and lime juice are common melon fixings in Mexico and throughout the Southwestern U.S. The gentle spice of chile powder is well tempered by the sweetness of melons. Sprinkle fruit with lime juice, them sprinkle on the chile powder.

4. Melons In Salads

Sound strange? Perhaps, but just think of how well tomatoes and beets--each quite sweet in their own right--work in salads and you'll begin to understand how small chunks of melon can work in tossed salads too. Their sweetness is great with tangy vinaigrettes.

5. Melons With Sea Salt & Black Pepper

That's right. Just simple sea salt and freshly ground black pepper can perk up any melon, and help bring out the sweetness in less-than-perfect specimens.

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