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Most varieties of truly wild mushrooms come into the peak of their season in the fall (the big exception being morels). The deep, woodsy flavor of mushrooms is particularly welcome as the air takes on a chill. Find information and easy, tasty recipes using mushrooms here.
  1. Morel Mushrooms (8)

All About Mushrooms
Mushrooms are edible fungi full of deep woodsy flavor that add depth and heartiness to dishes. There are untold varieties of edible mushrooms, but as different as their flavors are they can be treated and used in much the same way.

Cultivated Mushrooms
A lot of attention gets paid to wild mushrooms, but cultivated mushrooms are delicious in their own right. They also tend to be more readily available and less expensive.

Wild Mushrooms
Truly wild mushrooms are foraged. That is, someone walks through the woods or meadows looking for a picking edible fungi. Shitakes, criminis, oysters? Not wild. They're usually cultivated. There's nothing wrong with cultivated mushrooms, nothing at all, but wild mushrooms have a greater range of flavors--not all chanterelles taste alike, for...

How to Saute Mushrooms
Perfectly sautéed mushrooms are tender, brown, and never soggy.

Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms
An easy and intensely flavorful side dish for fall and winter.

Cream of Mushroom Soup
This simple Cream of Mushroom Soup is thickened with a bit of potato as well as cream, creating a luscious, thick texture and a hearty, delicious, easy-as-pie soup.

Fried Mushrooms
Simple, crispy, and delicious.

Mushroom Cream Stuffed Squash
Mushroom Cream Squash is earthy and rich and sweet and full of antioxidants. It's a delicious side dish or a great vegetarian main dish.

Mushroom Potato Enchiladas
These delicious and earthy vegetarian Mushroom Potato Enchiladas are extra yummy with a side salad and a bit of crema or thinned sour cream alongside.

Mushroom Soba Noodle Soup
Quick, easy, and perfect for chilly nights.

Mushroom Soup
Turn mushrooms into a hearty, delicious, easy-as-pie soup.

Sauteed Hedgehog Mushrooms
See an easy way to cook hedgehog mushrooms.

Paprika Mushroom Soup
The light heat of hot paprika spices up this easy mushroom soup.

Wild Mushroom Scramble
Put few wild mushrooms to great effect!

Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup
Hearty wild rice, flavorful mushrooms, and a but of cream come together into more than the sum of their parts in this chill-chasing soup.

Wild Rice Mushroom Pilaf
Wild rice, mushrooms, and sausage make a deeply savory side dish or, when paired with crusty bread and a crisp green salad, a fabulous main dish.

Wild Rice Mushroom Stuffed Squash
Wild rice and mushrooms fill winter squash for a fabulous side or main dish.

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