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5 Easy Okra Recipes

5 Ways to Cook Okra Without the "Slime"


A lot of people they don't like okra, a lot of other people think they won't like okra. These recipes are for all of them (plus, of course, those of us who know how delicious okra is already!). When stewed or cooked with liquid, okra can, indeed, get "slimy." Quick cooking and dry heat, however, let the crisp, grassy flavor of fresh okra shine through.

Not surt to make of these grassy pods? Check out All About Okra to learn more.

1. Fried Okra

Photo © Molly Watson

A classic with good reason. A light cornmeal coating on the okra and quick dunk in hot oil make this fried okra, crispy, a wee bit crunchy, and completely delicious.

2. Garlic Okra

Garlic Okra
Photo © Molly Watson

A bit of oil, sliced garlic that starts to golden, okra and just a splash of water to lightly steam it – this recipe is super easy and the resulting okra and fresh, lightly crisp, and not slimy at all.

3. Grilled Okra

Grilled Okra
Photo © Molly Watson

The charred bits on grilled okra really highlight the fresh, grass-like flavor of these beautiful green pods. Plus, what could be easier than tossing okra with a bit of oil and throwing them on the grill for about 10 minutes?

4. Okra with Tomatoes

Photo © Molly Watson

The acid in the tomatoes cuts the "slime" in okra in this dish.

5. Spicy Sauteed Okra

Photo © Molly Watson

Lots of spice gives this dish great flavor – yet the clean taste of fresh okra still shines through.

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