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All About Pie Crusts

Recipes, Tips, and Guides to Great Pie Crusts


Get great pie crust recipes, tips on how to make perfect pie crust every time, and guides to crimping and lattice making below to make the best crust for your favorite pie recipes.

10 Tips to Perfect Pie Crusts

Photo © Molly Watson
Homemade pie crust can be flakier and tastier than anything you buy pre-made, you just need to keep these simple tips - like chilling the butter, turning the dough when rolling, and baking it fully - in mind to make sure your favorite pie crust recipe turns out perfectly every time.

How to Make Homemade Pie Crust

Photo © Molly Watson
Perfect pie crust is flaky and flavorful and easy to work with. These step-by-step instructions show you how the dough should look at each stage, taking the anxiety out of the process for pie crust neophytes.

How to Crimp Pie Crusts

Photo © Molly Watson
"Crimping" pie crusts seals the edges of double-crusted pies and makes all crust edges pretty. Find a method and look that suits you from among the possibilities in this guide to crimping pie crusts.

How to Make a Lattice Pie Crust

Photo © Molly Watson
A true lattice pie crust - with the top pie crust a criss-cross of strips of dough - involves actually weaving the strips together, not just placing them over one another. Sound fussy? Too complicated? See how easy it actually is with this step-by-step guide to making a lattice pie crust.

Pie Crust Recipes

Photo © Molly Watson

These pie crusts recipes are all flaky and delicious and suitable for sweet or savory pies and tarts:

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