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How to Clean Morels

Easy Way to Clean Fresh Morel Mushrooms


How to Clean Morels

Morel Mushrooms

Photo © Molly Watson
Most mushrooms need just a simple brushing to clean them or, at most, a swipe with a damp paper towel. The sponge-like texture of morels, however, has a tendency to trap dirt and grit, so morels require a bit more attention. This easy method for cleaning them keeps these delicate mushrooms from becoming water-logged.

Note: Clean morels only just before using. The morels will absorb a bit of water in the cleaning process, making them more susceptible to mold or rotting if stored afterward.

To clean morels thoroughly:

  1. Put the morels in a paper bag or colander and shake vigorously.
  2. Lift the morels out of the bag or colander, leaving any loosened dirt or debris behind.
  3. Put the morels in a large bowl of cold water (or a clean sink full of cold water) and quickly swish the morels around in the water.
  4. Lift the morels out of the water (again, leaving behind any dirt or grit on the bottom of the bowl or sink) and put on a clean kitchen towel or layers of paper towels. Quickly pat the mushrooms dry.
  5. Prepare and cook the morels as you like.

Again, I cannot emphasize this enough and it bares repeating: do not clean the morels until you're ready to use them!

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